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Live, Work and Play on Weston Ridge

5 Bedrooms    4 1/2 bathrooms    5,500 SqFt       Guest Cottage   

10 Acres

About Julie

Professionally trained in art and photography with formal studies in business economics, Julie Mergen has an amazing ability to find the unique hidden treasures in the world of real estate. The properties she finds play among the land like works of art play within a gallery. She filters through secret listings looking for the truly custom select designs. 


Understanding the ever-changing and fluid evolution in the emerging real estate markets, she provides those who are selling their homes a full-service individualized marketing platform along and can offer staging help as requested or needed. For those looking to buy a home, they look to Julie for her creative skills at finding the hidden gems holding their desires.   



Experience You Can Trust

Advantage of Locality

Personal Real Estate Matchmaking

Property Staging

Gain an insider's access to:

  • The Area's Most Talented Artisans, Architects, & Contractors 

  • Leading Interior Designers

  • Reliable and Highest Quality Services - from home cleaning and landscaping, to personal pampering and event catering

Concierge real estate practices take the matchmaking process for buyers seriously. Some of the many factors taken into account include your real estate preferences, personal interests, professional background, and household income. From here we can truly hone-in to find the home you are looking for, rather than finding a home to settle on.

Work with integrity, and also to be a sounding board of expert advice along with way.

Staging a home includes preparing a residence for sale in the housing market. A staged home entices buyers with a move in ready look. And as we’ve already seen, a staged home will sell faster and for more than a home that isn’t staged.

Staging techniques focus on the appearance of the home for sale. It transforms the home into a welcoming environment for potential buyers. These preparation services may include deep cleaning, painting, furniture staging and landscaping.